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Critical Incident & Reporting

UHE recognizes that any critical incident that occurs is documented, reported and action taken as they have potential detrimental impact on the physical and psychological well-being of all staff, students, contractors, and visitors.


A critical incident is a traumatic event, or threat of such (within or outside Australia) which has the potential to harm life or well-being, and causes extreme stress, fear or injury to the person experiencing or witnessing the event.


Emergency Vehicles

Critical incidents may include, but are not limited to:

  • Serious injury, illness, or death of a student or staff member

  • A missing student

  • Severe verbal or psychological aggression

  • Sexual harassment or bullying

  • Physical or sexual assault

  • Occupational/ Workplace health and safety risk

  • A student or staff member witnessing a serious accident or violent act

  • Natural disaster

  • Fire, bomb-threat, terrorist attack, explosion, gas or chemical hazard

  • Drug or alcohol abuse


In case you are involved in an incident or witness such an incident, you must immediately contact the Emergency Services on 000 to seek assistance. 

24-hour Emergency Contact Number for UHE– 0433 219 228

For full details please refer to the Critical Incident Policy below:

First- Aid Service
  • First Aid Kit and trained staff are available at Level 1 ,Level 3 and Level 4​

  • Level 1 (Student Support Services)​

  • Level 3 (Computer Labs)​

  • Level 4 (Lecture Rooms)

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