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Students in Computer Class

The course structure includes a total of 15 subjects covering both practicum and theory. Note: IT5004.20 Capstone Project is a double-weighted subject delivered over two semesters. The program has a general stream as well as the possibility to specialise in either Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Cyber Security (CS). The ASCED Field of Education is Information Technology. The course completion leads to the award of Master of Information Technology specialised in AI or CS. The proposed MIT is a specialist, master’s level course with an innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum that aims to fulfil the skills gap and market demand in the ICT industry by equipping students with the most in-demand hard and soft skills relevant in the sector.


Master of Engineering Management

Graduates of the Master of Engineering Management will have advanced knowledge of engineering management through the integration of knowledge from engineering, business, and management disciplines within the context of project management and contemporary engineering practice, including an understanding of the scope, principles, and accountabilities of engineering practice.

Graduates of the Master of Engineering Management will be able to demonstrate ethical conduct and
professional accountability with relevance to engineering and engineering management.

The program has a strong emphasis on personal development, with the purpose that each student finds their own strengths in engineering management as part of their own career development plan. This process begins in the first subject, Professional Development for Engineering Management, where the students begin to identify their own strengths and interests, documented in their portfolio.


This course equips graduates with foundation screen production skills and critically reflective cross-cultural knowledge to successfully produce and distribute filmed content in Asian Pacific markets. The course provides an even balance of subjects in theoretical foundations, practical skills development, and project production. Graduates develop team-based problem-solving skills to provide end-user focused communications solutions for both entertainment and business applications in both public and private enterprises. Graduates may find employment as media production specialists in small and large businesses in fields related to their selected area of study, screenwriting, directing, producing, on-line content creation, international production management, and international funding and distribution.

Film Student

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is designed to develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for application in real world information technology roles. The BIT will develop a broad conceptual understanding of information technology and equip graduates with the skills to resolve issues and make decisions as information technology professionals. The course will provide knowledge and skills of current techniques and tools to design, build and maintain software systems in an enterprise, and equip students to understand and resolve business problems through information technology.




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